A New Blog

I don't know if anyone read my old blog.  I don't think so since the software went poof a while ago and no one has reported it to me.  Anyway the old blog is dead and here is the new one.

The old blog ran on one of my servers with its own software.  Since I can't figure out how to fix it and I am a dunce with web apps  I decided it would be better to use an on-line service.  I chose Post Haven.  It seems very good to me but then I have only just started playing with it.  In any case the history of it is interesting and I think these guys deserve support.

So here we are and if there is anyone out there - Welcome to my new Blog :)

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Hey Jon! Congrats on the new Blog.
Thanks Bill 8-)
I'll start to follow this blog. I'm far from a techie though, so most of it may go right over my head. Still, I may learn something!! regards...Ken
I look forward to following your blog and whatever ramblings you choose to share with us.
Thank you Jack !
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