Heading South Shortly - Advanced Warning

This coming Monday I will be heading south to be with my Sisters in Florida for a couple of weeks.  While they are the main reason for me going I admit it will be nice to get away from the rather dull, wet and windy Welsh weather.

This does mean that my support for software and forums will be out for a while from Monday until Wednesday.  Also although I have access to the internet I will be using my laptop and smart phone so some things like ADE licenses may take longer to process. 

Why I Hate Programming

It's always the same.  No matter how much testing we do, as soon as we release ADE to production the bugs start flooding in.  Worse is the unforced programmer errors and general SNAFUs that follow.  The rule is never change functionality when you make a new release - so why am I incapable of sticking to it without tinkering?  Case in point was a small change that enabled a function for one version of the simulator.  The trail of chaos and destruction that followed makes me hate what I do.  The change generated the usual cascade of unexpected consequences followed  by apologetic posts on the forums and a rash of daily updates.  It must drive users nuts to get a new update every day - it would me.

Ho hum - well right now I am going to do something else - destroy a bit more of the house so that we can start again I think.  Nothing like wielding a crowbar and sledge hammer to get out the frustrations with one's own failings.

Ah - well I feel better having written this so I think I don't hate programming after all!

A New Blog

I don't know if anyone read my old blog.  I don't think so since the software went poof a while ago and no one has reported it to me.  Anyway the old blog is dead and here is the new one.

The old blog ran on one of my servers with its own software.  Since I can't figure out how to fix it and I am a dunce with web apps  I decided it would be better to use an on-line service.  I chose Post Haven.  It seems very good to me but then I have only just started playing with it.  In any case the history of it is interesting and I think these guys deserve support.

So here we are and if there is anyone out there - Welcome to my new Blog :)