New Manual for Airport Design Editor Released

After much hard work Helli has completed the new ADE English Manual including all the 1.65 features, This manual is a substantial re-write over the last version and contains new and enhanced information. At more than 300 pages it contains much information of general interest to airport design alongside how to use ADE.

I would like to thank Helli for all his hard work and patience in producing this. His attention to detail sometimes had us on the hop but also improved some aspects of the program itself. I would also like to thank George, Jim and Martin for their continuing support and help in proof reading the manual.

The new manual can be downloaded from the ADE web site downloads page or directly from here:

Moving an Airport in FSX/P3D

ADE has had the ability to move airports for a long time (provided you have a ProKey).  Recently we got a number of reports from users who either could not move the airport or got some duplications.  This seemed rather erratic and in testing we found that changing the parameters of the move even slightly would get the move to happen.

Some folks worked out that not moving the airport reference point (these are the coordinates stored in sim for the airport) but moving the rest of the airport facilities worked.  Well this is true but it is not actually moving the airport but rather re-arranging the elements of the airport in the existing location.  This does not work because the sim still thinks that the airport is in the original position and lots of things don't work including displays like GPS that rely on the airport reference point.

What we think is actually happening is the same as we find for stock navigational aids.  Microsoft did not provide us with a method to exclude the stock navaid so trying to delete it does not work.  Moving one results in some odd behaviors.  Over some distances the move works.  Then the navaid might duplicate and then it might not move at all.

Microsoft gave us exclusion flags and tools to hide stock airport data so that it can be replaced with our own.  However they didn't give us a way to exclude the airport reference point.  I guess they never thought that we might want to actually move an airport. 

So if you have problems moving a stock airport in FSX/P3D then chances are you are running into this problem.  You can try moving the airport reference point around a bit within the new airport location to see if that will help but it is all trial and error.

There is always something new to learn and not all of it good!

Heading South Shortly - Advanced Warning

This coming Monday I will be heading south to be with my Sisters in Florida for a couple of weeks.  While they are the main reason for me going I admit it will be nice to get away from the rather dull, wet and windy Welsh weather.

This does mean that my support for software and forums will be out for a while from Monday until Wednesday.  Also although I have access to the internet I will be using my laptop and smart phone so some things like ADE licenses may take longer to process. 

Why I Hate Programming

It's always the same.  No matter how much testing we do, as soon as we release ADE to production the bugs start flooding in.  Worse is the unforced programmer errors and general SNAFUs that follow.  The rule is never change functionality when you make a new release - so why am I incapable of sticking to it without tinkering?  Case in point was a small change that enabled a function for one version of the simulator.  The trail of chaos and destruction that followed makes me hate what I do.  The change generated the usual cascade of unexpected consequences followed  by apologetic posts on the forums and a rash of daily updates.  It must drive users nuts to get a new update every day - it would me.

Ho hum - well right now I am going to do something else - destroy a bit more of the house so that we can start again I think.  Nothing like wielding a crowbar and sledge hammer to get out the frustrations with one's own failings.

Ah - well I feel better having written this so I think I don't hate programming after all!

A New Blog

I don't know if anyone read my old blog.  I don't think so since the software went poof a while ago and no one has reported it to me.  Anyway the old blog is dead and here is the new one.

The old blog ran on one of my servers with its own software.  Since I can't figure out how to fix it and I am a dunce with web apps  I decided it would be better to use an on-line service.  I chose Post Haven.  It seems very good to me but then I have only just started playing with it.  In any case the history of it is interesting and I think these guys deserve support.

So here we are and if there is anyone out there - Welcome to my new Blog :)